Bespoke engineering services to equipment and service companies worldwide
Kimball Electronics (INDIA) Pvt Ltd

Career at Kimball Electronics

We look for exceptional people from a wide variety of fields with an aptitude for creative thinking.

Some experienced professionals come here to build on their specialized skills, knowing that the experience they get will open new doors for them. Others come
tolooking for broader opportunities, a fresh challenge, or the chance to make a greater impact, quickly.

We have the environment and culture conducive to deepening your knowledge and kills, and creating an impact.


Roles for experienced professionals

Experienced professionals join Kimball Electronics in a wide range of roles. People with bachelor's degrees and a few years experience might join as business analysts, associates, or specialists.

Those with deep experience-through extensive work experience-might join as associates, specialists, experts, or in more senior consulting roles.

In all cases, experienced professionals are full-fledged members of client teams in problem solving, knowledge building, coaching, and in providing leadership.

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