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Innovation is an art

It is an undeniable fact that we are passing through an age of innovation and that innovation is an imperative in product and equipment manufacturing companies. In order to translate an innovative concept to a veritable product or even conduct a basic R&D to validate the concept requires substantial cross domain functional knowledge and expertise.

Innovation is an art and not a science. While there could be some guidelines and processes, no two product tread the same path. Having walked with innovators many times in the past, GES has the expertise to support you through this path to a desirable destination.

The process of translating innovative concepts to commercial products

GES has formulated a proven model for taking an innovative concept to completion derived from the vast experience of partnering with companies ranging from startups to MNCs specializing in a variety of industrial segments.

This model comprises three stages:

  • Building a Proof of Concept (PoC)
  • Prototype development, and
  • Final Product

Building a PoC

Analyzing feasibility and developing a Proof of Concept is one of the primary steps in a product innovation cycle. While R&D

and innovation driven groups with domain expertise in a particular segment usually are very passionate about a product idea or a concept, they need not necessarily possess the wherewithal to check its feasibility, research existing solutions, simulate performance criteria and ultimately build an effective PoC. GES has developed a proven methodology in assisting customers build a realistic and workable PoC.

Prototype development

This is the stage where innovators are likely to encounter surprises that might appear to kill an idea totally. Naturally, at this stage substantial cross functional expertise and problem solving approaches

will have to come to play. Our innovation team is equipped with the right kind of tools and methodologies that will help build prototypes quickly in a scheduled time frame.

Final Product While core functional aspects of a product will be addressed at the prototype stage, the final stage of product development needs to focus on finer aspects such as the capacity to manufacture at scale, packaging needs and conforming to standards in the segment, As in the prototyping stage, this too requires the ability to learn and integrate across functional expertise.

Our team can integrate the relevant expertise and get your product ready for launch in a realistic timeframe.

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