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Real-time Software Development

GES specializes in the development of embedded systems and applications. Our deep knowledge andexpertise in developing embedded and real time software for various domains, including Automotive, Automotive electronics (infotainment), medical devices and consumer electronics have won us several happy customers worldwide.

Specialization is what makes us special

There is a perception that product development is more about hardware engineering whereas software design expertise and domain knowledge are just added advantages. While this might look true, domain knowledge is the key to taking a product through the development life-cycle successfully and making it market ready.

At GES Infotek, we have a comprehensive understanding of domains that include semiconductor, automotive, infotainment and medical devices. If your product category is in one of these sectors, you could rest assured that we understand the language you speak and will be able to support you well as an ideal partner.

USB is our space

USB is our space. Most of our experience in embedded software development is with USB technologies. We have expertise in all the software layers of USB that include Hardware Controller Driver, USB Communications Stack, Class Driver, Middleware and Application. If you are a considering a product development in the USB segment, we are the go-to guys to support you with your entire product development life cycle.

Our Language and OS expertise

We have expertise in the most standard programming languages such as C, C++. C#, Java, .NET and operating systems that include Android, Windows Embedded, Windows CE, Linux and VxWorks.

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